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Mo'Nique Is On To He Next Victim

Mo'Nique back on Instagram, and this time she has a new target, and is threatening to expose him of allegedly ruining her career.


On Instagram she has a video that she post, where she explained to her followers that she has "receipts" to prove that producer Will Packer (Almost Christmas), was trying to "ruin her character."

This is a response to reporter Jawn Murray who took to the internet where he shared a video claiming the Oscar winner had burned all her bridges in Hollywood. He then reads an email from Packer that credited Mo'Nique's husband/manager, Sidney Hicks, as the source of all of her problems.

Mo'Nique posted the below response to Murray's claims.

"There's a reporter named Jawn Murray who read an email that he received from a producer named William Packer that he sent to my husband, Sidney, who is also my manager," she said. "However, what they did not do is send the rest of the emails. So, we want to post the thread of the emails so you get a chance to see the behind the scenes of how a producer tried to intimidate, bully and ruin someone's character."


In the extremely lengthy chain of emails that Murray read, Packer implied that Hicks was being unreasonable in his representation of Mo'Nique and even went on to accuse him of attempting to "swindle" more money out of the studio while filming the movie.


In my opinion (SoDebNair) this is another example of what she's been saying they keep on asking her to work for minimum wage in the industy basically. Im still standing with Mo'Nique but The SoDebNair Show wants to know what you guys thing? Let us know below

Meet J. Lamaar

 U.S. Army Veteran that always had a passion for music. Born in Fort Hood TX and raised in High Point NC. He write songs about his life, love and pain. Recently completed his military service and now he is pursuing to let the world hear his sound. He states that he refuses to sound like every other artist. One of his missions is to bring back the real pure sound of RnB with a mix of what is current by being himself. He believes that if you become obsessed with your goals and what you believe in then that is all you need to get started. His up and coming EP titled "In the Clouds" will be released December 1, 2018.
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