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Looks like Chris Tucker has let the cat out the bad both Chris and Jackie Chan have agreed to reboot of Rush Hour 4.  Are you excited about it?  I just pray that it is good.


via Complex:

Reboot and sequel announcements are a dime a dozen nowadays, but sometimes, just sometimes, a reboot will be announced and literally knock everyone off their feet. After some rumors about a new Rush Hour began circulating last year, Chris Tucker, arguably the funniest half of the franchise, finally confirmed that Rush Hour 4 is a go during an appearance on the ESPN podcast The Plug.


During his time on the podcast, Tucker spoke about a range of other subjects besides Rush Hour. He explored his inspiration for his iconic character Smokey on Friday, and what lines fans quote at him the most. In a similar vein, Tucker said he still doesn't know if will be part of the project for a new Friday movie. (This isn't a new stance from him, actually. Tucker has been talking down appearing in another Friday movie since 2016.) Tucker also spoke a little about sports and shared some Michael Jackson stories.After one of the hosts asked Tucker if he and Jackie Chan would ever grace the world with more Rush Hour, Tucker replied with some magical words: "It's happening."

"This is gonna be the rush of all rushes," the comedian said. "Jackie is ready and we want to do this so that people don't ever forget it." He wasn't able to reveal any more details, but for diehard Rush Hour fans that should be more than enough.


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