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Ask Coach Andre Blaylock


Dr. Andre Blaylock

Dating Conversation Specialist

He's coming to WTTRadio!!!!

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WTTRADIO welcome the Sheryl Underwood Radio Show

THE Sheryl Underwood Radio Show will be on the air live weekdays 3pm to 7pm on WTTRADIO... Spread the word......

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Dr. Kelly Corner

Hello, it’s Dr. Kelly, your board-certified physician and bounce back coach. I help high

performing women who are successful at work but are unhappy in other areas of their lives, recover from failed relationships to bounce back to better, improve their self-esteem and live the life they dreamed of. Follow me on social media @drkellywoodmd or contact me at


I can still remember my childhood best friend, Tonya. We were inseparable! I looked forward to seeing her at school, even though we also chatted on the telephone in the mornings before and in the evenings after school.


Do you remember your childhood best friend?


Friendships are invaluable and should be cherished. Consider yourself very fortunate if you

have at least one best friend. We usually treat our friends with love, kindness and respect but becoming your own best friend is sometimes more difficult. When you are your own best friend you will have standards in your relationships and will teach others how to treat you by the way you treat yourself.


A few steps to becoming your own best friend:


? Enjoy being alone sometimes? – Just as you love to hang out with your best friend,

learn how to enjoy being in your own company from time to time. Take yourself out for

dinner, go see a movie. Don’t wait on someone to come along for you to take your

dream trip; go solo! By cultivating this treasured friendship, you stop needing others to be your companion.


? Like yourself? – True self-love means getting rid of those negative thoughts about

yourself. You would never speak to your best friend in the harsh manner you sometimes speak to yourself. Rather than just focus on your flaws and mistakes, celebrate your strengths as well. When you like yourself, you’ll be happier, and others will enjoy being around you.


? Express love for yourself ?– Do acts of kindness for yourself every day. Be intentional about it. You should put your love into action by eating foods that are good for you, getting plenty of exercise and rest. Take a splurge and see your favorite singer in concert. If you know how to show love to yourself, you will know how to show love others.


Being your own best friend means you’re no longer stuck in unhealthy relationships because you’re afraid of being alone and others will be attracted to you because your positive attitude and your joy. you!

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