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Author of the Month

Author Tarik Daniels


No Bonds So Strong is a coming of age drama about four black gay friends growing up in Detroit. Plagued by the absence of the black father, Trayvon, Eman, Robert, and JayJay must rely on their friendship with each other to survive the adversities of being young, black,and queer in inner city America. In a culture of drugs, rape, disease,and violence against their very existence, their future isn't promised and without guidance, their lives starts on a journey of heartaches and heartbreaks. After losing one of their own, and having new dreams to move forward in Atlanta, they are now faced with the challenge of making it to the next chapter of their destiny, when far too many don't.

Entrepreneur of the Month


Sterling Marquis Coleman Jr. has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management from   Tennessee State University. Sterling is best described as an impactful entrepreneur with a social conscience.


Sterling has developed a unique and captive voice that has enabled him to inspire thousands of people across the world.  He is the voice of motivation to many, as he has spoken at numerous schools, churches, and conferences. His oratorical style is best described as charismatic and charming coupled with his genuine urge to help others around. 


He is currently a co-owner of a Zaxby’s in Atlanta Georgia where he now resides.  Additionally, he has entered the tech space and is working on app development. 


Sterling is truly a B.O.S.S. (Bold Owner Striving for Success), not because of his entrepreneurial skills but because he genuinely cares for all people from all walks of life.


Ask Coach Andre Blaylock

Dr. Andre Blaylock

Dating Conversation Specialist

He's coming to WTTRadio!!!!

Stay Informed Aid Atlanta

(Click above link for more information)

About AID Atlanta

AID Atlanta has been providing HIV/AIDS-related services, care, and education since its inception in 1982.  The agency was established in response to the devastating impact that HIV/AIDS was having on gay men in Atlanta.  In the face of fear and bigotry, founding members volunteered their time to provide support and education.  The organization quickly expanded to engage Black and Latino populations and meet the evolving needs of our diverse community in response to the epidemic.  Today, AID Atlanta offers a broad range of services and has grown to be the most comprehensive AIDS service organization in the Southeast.  AID Atlanta currently offers HIV/AIDS prevention and care services, including (but not limited to) Primary Care, HIV/STD Screening, PrEP, Community HIV Prevention Programs, Linkage Services, Case Management, and a state-wide Information Hotline.  The mission of AID Atlanta is to reduce new HIV infections and improve the quality of life of its members and the community by breaking barriers and building community.


Tips For The Man

How To Smell Good - Even When You Sweat!


Eliminate the funk with the right underarm product! Guy’s there’s no shame in wanting to smell good, great perspiration is key to a man’s everyday regime and health. Also, it’s a great determinate for most ladies. Your body regulates its temperature according to your daily stress, thus results in sweat. However, if your sweat is offensive or obsessive then you need a great deodorant or antiperspirant to mask any unwanted smells a hard day of work can produce. “It’s a good idea to switch up your deodorant brand every 6 months to prevent resistance,” says Han Lee, M.D., an assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Southern California. All of this to say, guy’s I got your back with this one, here’s a rundown of some great products that are not only inexpensive but will get the job done for even the most ungodly smells of body odor.

Burts Bee’s

Fully organic, this deodorant gets the job done. It uses killer absorbent cornstarch to stop sweaty smells before they surface, topping it off with citrus oil and Cyprus infused scent to keep your smells pleasant.


This stick is perfect those white tees that are quick to yellow. It uses natural ingredients, no alcohol or aluminum to stop stains and uses herbal extracts to cut the stench.

Swipe the alcohol-free deodorant on post-shower for the best results.

The Full-Body, Moisture-Stopping Powder

This talc-based powder can go under the arms, on the back, in your socks, on your junk…wherever you get sweaty. It’s made with rosemary, thyme, and tea tree to keep you smelling natural in all the right ways.


For when you need to call in the big guns: This prescription-strength deodorant uses microcapsules that combat odors to keep skin conditioned. Roll this clear gel on before a long day in the sun you’ll thank me later.

Clean Comfort 48-Hour Deodorant by Dove Men + Care

Just like its soap, Dove’s deodorant stick is infused with moisturizer to protect your skin from dryness, often a side effect of sweat-stopping antiperspirants. On top of that, this one has 48-hour protection against odor and moisture.

Every Man Jack

Mint is the ultimate combatant of unwanted scents (your toothpaste for example) and Every Man Jack uses peppermint to keep your underarms fresh.

The cotton extract and witch hazel blend soak up the sweat to keep pit stains to a minimum.

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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wttradio News

Safaree Samuels Getting Offered Porn Deals?


Looks like Safaree may have a new job offer since the leakage of his eggplant.  The reaction has been off the wall with Safaree packing so much meat in the meat market. READ FULL STORY HERE



Watch as Mo'Nique goes toe to toe with Charlamagne Tha God on the breakfast club.  Who won Charlamagne or Mo'Nique?  What do you really think Whoopie wanted to say?  CLICK HERE TO WATCH

HENDERSON MADDOX | Are the actors of ABOUT HIM having actual sex?


Check out the EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Henderson Maddox CLICK HERE



Check out a exclusive interview with Alexis Branch on The SoDebNair Show.  A fun filled time when Alexis sits down and talks music, acting, and fitness


Mo'Nique Is Back & With A New Victim


Mo'Nique back on Instagram, and this time she has a new target, and is threatening to expose him of allegedly ruining her career.


Milan Christopher the new break out star of 2018 with 3 NEW SHOWS


A reality star who made headlines as the first openly gay man on Mona Scott Young’s “Love & Hip Hop” franchise before “breaking the internet” with a schlong showing Paper Mag cover, is making moves READ FULL STORY HERE

Mo’Nique speaks on Netflix, Gender & Racial Equality and Possible Reconciliation with Lee Daniels


Mo'Nique goes into more details about the netflix deal PLUS Oprah, Tyler Perry, Lions Gate, & Lee Daniels  CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO



Mo'Nique claims Netflix severely short-changed her during negotiations for a comedy special ... and she says the proof is in how much some other comedians got paid for specials.  READ MORE HERE



Good for Cardi, know your fan base and act accordingly.  Off set's music sounds like trash to me anyway.  Cardi can do WAY better, he's probably only using her for the come up anyway READ MORE HERE  

Homosexianity Letting Truth Win The Devastating War Between Scripture, Faith & Sexual Orientation


Have you ever stuggled with the battle betwen God and your sexuality?  This book definity opened my eyes to the true meaning of the scriptures that are used against our community as a baseball bat to beat us down when it comes God and if he really hated me or not.  It breaks down the scriptures and why the people of those times believed what they believed.  It definitly helped me in my every day walk with God and knowing for my self I need to build a personal relationship with him for myself.



NOW THAT'S FRESH: Mr. Bouvier Yellow Boy Chronicles

Check out Washington, DC based Independent Artist Mr. Bouvier and his much anticipated debut album "Yellow Boy Chronicles."  My all time favorite song is "Infinity" an uptemo track that definitly will have you up on your feet.  Also tracks like "Love War Feat. DJ Richie Skye" & aldo check out the video below for "If I were a King" a mind blowing video about domsestic violient relationships in the community. 



Migos Rapper Offset Apologizes for Offensive Lyrics


Migos rapper Offset took to social media to apologize for homophobic lyrics he rapped on a feature. 


He issued a set of apologies via Instagram. Claiming he didn’t mean ‘queer’ as in homosexual???  Read his IG post below and tell us what you think.

Click Here to read more

The Shade Of It All: Live At DC Arts Center- Sampson (Stand Up Comedy)


Check out Sampson McCormick latest stand up comedy the funniest man in our community.  



The Creators of SlayTV on Finding Love at First Night

Sean Torrington, Co-creator, Slay.TV

We met on a beautiful summer? night in 2010, when I was invited to a house party in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. I was on the prowl looking for someone to call my lover. I told all my friends that I was gonna find my boyfriend that night. Suddenly, Terry storms the party with these pretty white teeth. As I was lurking in the darkness, watching him drink beer after beer, I decided it was time to make my move. He couldn’t resist my charm, so I got his number, and the rest is history. READ MORE HERE

Gabrielle Union: Says Monogamy Is For Suckers


Gabrielle Union offers young women some INTERESTING advice in her new book and what she thinks about sex.  She believes that sex is something that should be enjoyed REPEADLEY.  With ans many partners as possible.  Click here to read more

OFFSET says He Can Not Vibe With Queers?




: Cardi B’s fiance Offset from MIGOS may have just pised off the gays.  Steaming from a new verse that he just dropped, he makes what many are calling “disparaging” comments towards gay people.  Click Here to Read Full Story


Your Only 24 Hour LGBQT Radio

Hello i'm Darrel Davis General Manager of WTTRadio. I would like to welcome each and every individual that has stopped by this Platform for the Urban LGBQT Community. Our model is "Bridging Our Community." The concept of WTTRadio came to my mind when I realized their was no radio station geared toward the Urban LGBQT Community. I got together with several individuals to ask their opinion on starting a station for the Urban LGBQT Community and they all thought it was a great idea. My expectations for WTTRadio is to be informative, diverse, entertaining and engaging. 



I believe that the voice of the Urban LGBQT Community has been silenced to long and it's time we made a stand in the world. You can listen to WTTRadio by downloadiing the Google APP, the Apple APP, TuneIn App, or by clicking the listen live button in the upper right hand corner of this device.


WTTRadio plays music 24/7 and  scheduled programs like the "Mikey and Rocc Show," the "SoDebNair Show," and coming in January 2018 the "Cast and Crew Show with Martell and DJ," and "The Last Call with Chris June and Company." 


We ask you to please go and register as fans on this page so that we may keep you informed with events going on around the world in our community. Also please spread the word and listen live to the station to let the world know we are a Solid Community and we have a Voice. Lastly I thank you for joining this Family to help make our community strong. Be encourage and Be Bless.



Darrel Davis



Please support the only Urban LGBQT station. Any

$ amount will help. Thank you in advance



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